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Time:01:04 pm
we played a show this past sunday at Beachland Ballroom, with Pterodactyl, from nyc, and Jerk, and SophieMol, who are both from cleveland. the turn-out was pretty good, considering it was a sunday night, and it was the night before the three largest colleges in cleveland resumed classes for the fall.

sophie mol played first. they sounded like a noisy, stripped-down le tigre, without keyboards.

we played second, and our set was pretty tight, even with a 6 minute jam session in the middle. andrew played part of "the ghost of frank zappa" behind his head... so rad. i surprised a lot of people by playing drums on that one. the strap for the bass broke after the second song, even though the strap-locks were on.

the guys from petrodactyl were dancing up front during our set, which was pretty sweet.

after the show, we got a lot of very positive feedback. my favorite was from the guy working the door last night, who came in to watch us, and just let people walk in for free while doing so. we were his favorite set of the night. he told tait and andrew not to let me leave the band, because i was "the planet all you moons revolve around..." it was pretty funny.

Jerk was awesome, as usual. they're one of my favorite bands in cleveland. totally noisey and in-yr-face.

Pterodactyl was equally awesome... totally rad kids too. we talked with them for quite awhile after the show.

onward and upward...


we're recording with ian sevnonious in DC this fall, over a yet-to-be-determined weekend. ian's basically setting everything up for us, and is going to oversee everything. it should be pretty fun, and we will have our first EP finished when all is said and done. we're going to do a small pressing of that ourselves (and hopefully someone else will put it out on a larger scale later), a split 7 inch with some band ( i forget their name, but andrew knows)... crazy.

the website is currently being overhauled by yours truely, and the redesign and relaunch will be done before our next show with Head of Femur on 9/21... and speaking of that show, we will hopefully have some merch by then as well... we'll be cutting it close.

so yea, that is the update.

<3 rach
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Time:11:21 pm

tomorrow, tuesday, 4.5.05

@ PEABODYS, downtown in Cleveland, OH.


things kick off early... but we will be playing around 10pm.

it's going to be rad.

be there.
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Subject:long time, no hear from.
Time:10:35 am
after intensive auditions, we now have Chris Lundgreen on drums, and Kevin Trask on bass.

we have shows coming up...

March 15th - The Spot @ CWRU in Cleveland - more info coming soon.

April 5th - Peabody's in Cleveland - starts at 8pm, also a FREE show
w/ RUN RUN, Addington, Dick Goddard, and another band i forget the name of (sorry!!)

sometime soon we'll be recording (preferably sometime this month, we're working it out).

and we're also working on merch that will be available at the 4/5/05 show.

the website will also see a few changes before then too... so be sure to check it out...


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Current Music:failure - "saturday savior"
Time:09:11 pm
Current Mood:okay.
rot wylder opened the show. then left before any of us played because Kyle is a LAME motherfucker. then solo flyer played, tight as always. then my band, plasma for guns, and then THE CINEMA EYE.

we sacrificed one mic stand and one floor tom to the rock gods on thursday... hahaha. joe, if yr reading this. you'd have been proud. i wish i had pics of tait jumping into the drum set... but i won't till i edit the video from thursday. damn.

if you were lame and didn't go. this is some of what you missed...

with our cocks out...Collapse )
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Time:10:06 am

@ tha pirates cove in Clevo


doors @ 9ishpm

cost = dirrt cheap!

come out, get yr drink on, shake yr ass.
'twill be a fun night!!!!
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Time:03:46 pm
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Subject:new band journal.
Time:04:38 pm
Current Mood:supa!

this is officially the new el jay for PLASMA FOR GUNS... (since i'm retarded/can't figure out how to get into the old one on the new el jay system...)

those of you checking the old one... move yo asses over here.

so, band news...

Sam, the drummer who was with us at our last show (@ the end of july! jesus shit!), has parted ways with us to pursue things with his other projects...

Ryan put down his guitar for the time being & is now our permanent drummer.

Hopefully, this will be the last lineup change for awhile. (crosses fingers).

Our show at the Pirate's Cove here in Cleveland on 10.2.04 has been cancelled and rescheduled for 11.4.04. More info on that soon to come!

Currently, we have just finished a new song called "Hands Tied"... and are beginning shooting for our music video... 'twill be sweet!

Oh, and our website is scheduled to launch in late November '04... complete with mp3s, our music video for "It Came from Yr Mother", & some free surprises you will want to be all over... ;)

I guess that's all for now...

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